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Gallery Shoebox

74 Surrey St Darlinghurst Sydney 2010

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Shoebox Gallery incorporates a 24x7 windowbox and holds monthly shows featuring an exhibition of work mixed with performances. Shoebox provides a rent-free space for artists to experiment with process-based artwork and believes that the interaction between the local community and the artist should enhance both the community and the space.

Shoebox tries to counter the present artist-pays gallery system, which creates a distance between production and finish, by presenting event-based shows which believe in the immediancy of ideas and playfulness.

Any enquires please email for further infomation.

footwork Seven new painters present young work, as curated by James Claussen
the ritual An installation featuring a floor based wax work that played nightly television to the window viewers.
ladybug’s garden party One of the warmest exhibitions ever held at shoebox, the ladybug’s garden invited people in to gaze at soy sauce fish in flickering candlelight by a soundtrack of crickets and frogs.
the hot day cd launch Mr Clean’s cd launch of his 2nd album The Hot Day in surrey st park with guests Mr Moustache and Jaqi
busi-ness An exhibition about being too busy, but busy enough to do business. Introducing Tim Hilton, Luke Waters, Alan Jones, Alice and others.
my world Featuring pieces about the entomology of money, the INXS museum, & Mr Clean played too.
pet thing Based on the one’s fave pet this show featured love, cats, & bottoms. Performance by Jaqi the Cat.
backwards Shoebox’s first show, much to the interest of the neighbours. All went fine and well, and so more shows began to happen.
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Gallery ShoeBox Now Closed

ShoeBox Gallery at the end of 2003. This page has been left up in the www as a piece of history.

Shoebox Gallery was run by Sharon Delos Reyes, Martin Bongiorno, Craig Schuftan and Janine Blackstock.